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On The Surface Playlist
Songwriter Spectacle Playlist
International Spotlight Playlist
Discovered Uncovered Playlist
:: "International Spotlight" Playlist ::
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:: Track List ::

1. Giri (Stockholm, Sweden)
     - "Lost and Found" - (Album on iTunes)

2. New Hands (Ontario, Canada)
     - "Whichever Way You'll Have It"
     (Album on Bandcamp)

3. Centre Excuse (Empingham, U.K.)
     - "Don't Let Go" - (Album on BigCartel)

4. Matthew de Zoete (Ontario, Canada)
     - "Who Do You Think You Are?"
        (Album on Bandcamp)

5. Rebel Territory (Derby, U.K.)
     - "Falling For You" - (Single on iTunes)

    6. Streaming Lights (Hull, U.K.)
         - "Wait A Minute" - (Album on Band Store)

    7. Chocolate Robots (Ontario, Canada)
         - "Soul Shoes" - (Album on Bandcamp)

    8. The Foreign Films (Hamilton, Canada)
         - "Glitter" - (Songs on Bandcamp)

    9. The People (Stockholm, Sweden)
         - "Flashlight (I Ain't Complete)"
            (Album on CD Universe)

    10. TorPeders Kapell (Sweden)
         - "Karlifonien" - ()