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On The Surface Playlist
Songwriter Spectacle Playlist
International Spotlight Playlist
Discovered Uncovered Playlist
:: "Discovered Uncovered" Playlist ::
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:: Track List ::

1. Jessica Bundy - "Ghost To You"
     (EP on BandCamp)

2. Hello June - "Colors"
     (Songs on BandCamp)

3. AnnieMUSIC - "Our Talks"
     (Songs on SoundCloud)

4. Summer Aviation - "Thrust"
     (Album on BandCamp)

5. Hippie Cream - "Carlos And Henrietta"
     (Album on Band's Store)

  6. Oliver Bixby - "Dirty Dirty"
       (Album on Bandcamp)

  7. Geoff Geis - "Where Have You Been
     (All My Life)"
       (Album on BandCamp)

  8. Rat Trap - "Songbirds"
       (Album on BandCamp)

  9. Ghost Cousin - "Skeleton in Cupboard"
       (Album on BandCamp)

  10. Brynn Andre - "Champagne"
       (EP on Bandcamp)