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:: Farewell
Good evening Sub-Rock followers… In 2009 I started Sub-Rock Music as an avenue for Independent Musicians to get their music out across the internet without a set plan (or how I would go about doing that) or even what Sub-Rock would become. Every idea incorporated on the website and elsewhere was spontaneous such as playlists, podcasts, social media usage, etc. I had no experience in radio, yet I decided to spontaneously apply locally as host of my own radio show and it happened. There are so many memorable events and people I met since 2009 and so many bands I had the pleasure of being in contact with, I couldn’t possibly thank each one right now in this blank white box with the blinking cursor.
It is time to move on and try new things just as Sub-Rock has done for many years. I hope the time I spent getting the word out about your music helped in some way. The Pinterest and Twitter page will remain active for now however all other sites will no longer be in use. Sub-Rock may rise from 20,001 leagues below the sea once again as something different but at this time I am uncertain about what that is.
I wish you all the best, thank you for following Sub-Rock Music and Never stop digging for new music. ~ Rod a.k.a. Sub-Rock Music

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